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ShareSpot provides pre-approved high-skilled remote consultants, business analysts, project managers and developers. We quickly match you with handpicked and tested talent.

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Do you want to add some new functions to your existing interface or create it from scratch? Lacking in resources for that? Don't worry. We have created a ready-to-go network of trusted professional developers and project managers. Every single person is hand picked and tested by our team.

Feel the freedom from the HR and the administrative issues, while you focus on strategy. We help you to expand the team beyond the limits.


No time wasted to start your project. In average it takes 2 to 5 business days to sign a contract.


We sign a contract and handle all the payments with the freelancers on our escrow bank account. You may withdraw it within 1 day.


We carefully select contractors and maintain continuous quality-check. It means that you never have to worry about the results.

Vetting process

Only 4% of remote engineers could pass our screening process. After that we control the quality of their work on projects. At any time you have an access to the greatest talent. And we offer 100% money-back guarantee.
Background screening

After we receive the submitted application, we check the background of our candidates - their social profiles, CVs, previous experience and references.

Live interviews

Live interview is a necessary step to test the candidate's personality, their soft skills and English level.

Technical review

At this stage we check candidates' abilities to solve problems using online tests. After that they are interviewed by our senior developers to check their common knowledge of the technologies.

Test project

We establish a short test project based on the candidate's skillset to test how applicant could work on the real project. We make several iterations to get completed results and then review how communication and code were performed.

How it works?

Tell us about your project

Start online or meet us in person. Let us know about the technologies, frameworks and goals of the project.

We prepare an offer

We select specialists from our network and send their CVs to you. After that we arrange online calls to get everyone acquainted.

Start 100% risk free

We sign a contract. Within one week you test specialists on a real project. Then we replace contractors if necessary or continue with the previously selected professionals.

Fast and safe results

Only high standards of the implementation. Also we guarantee code ownership and confidentiality by our legal documents.

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Sergey Katorgin

The founder and CEO of ShareSpot

An IT specialist and director of the company with 15 years of experience. At the age of 19, he founded a web application development company, which has tranformed in 2018 to a platform for quick selection of remote developers - ShareSpot.

Management team

Stanislav Krivitsky
Andrey Golobokov
Lead developer
Anastasia Kolpakidi
Account manager
Mary Shirshoff
Account manager
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